Barangay Cajel, Municipality of Diffun
Province of Quirino


Barangay Cajel, Municipality of Diffun
Province of Quirino


Cajel became a juridical entity on July 2, 1950 by virtue of Executive Order No. 268. The name of this barangay is somewhat of a curiosity because there are two legends about its origin that never fails to amuse even its own residents.

One legend has it has that a group of government surveyors under a certain Melito Rigor were camped at the foot of that mystifying rock formation called Nagbukel. They were munching Kahel, a citrus of the sweet orange variety much kin to dalandan; and allegedly Rigor Instructed his companions to scatter the seeds the entire place, saying in jest that the place they were standing on would be called Kahel if many seeds grew and bore fruits.

No one knows if any of those seeds ever grew, but that time on the place that is now Barangay Cajel was indeed called by the name Kahel, only that the word took on a Hispanic Spelling.

The other version is equally interesting. It says in that those days when the place was still sparsely populated and of foliage blanketing the surrounding hills and valleys was yet almost impenetrably thick, people had to shout the name of anyone called or beckoned to.

The settlers once had a respect leader by the name Gil; and when others would call to him, they would invariably shout “ka Gil!”.  The ka is an honorific expression used when addressing a superior or someone more senior in years. It appears that the shout of calling out to the said leader became the origin of the name of the barangay.

The early settlers’ of Cajel came from different places.  As their number grew they felt the need to organize the socio political structure of their group.

The recorded succession of Teniente del Barrio are the following Domingo Mauyao (??-??); Felipe Malaque (1940-??); Severino Abenoja (1940-42); Sinforoso Gonzales (1942-44); Marcos Mauyao (1940-46); Severino Abenoja (1946-48); Sinforoso Gonzales (1948-50); Pelagio Orbillo (1950-52); Feliciano Agpalasin (1952-54_; Severino Basug (1954-56); Pilo Pascua (1956-58); Alberto Dominia (1958-60); Andress Villanta (1960-62); Jose Gorospe (1962-64); Alipio Romero (1964-66); and Silverio Sinuto (1966-68_.

In 1970-74 Rafael Abenoja became the first barangay captain following him were Luis Marcelino Domina (1984-97); and Ruben Gaudia (1997-2010). From June to October 2010 Jaime Natividad took over the as temporary barangay captain by law succession. Then followed Samuel Abenoja who became barangay captain in 2010 and served until 2013.


Caje is under the able leadership of Hon. Armando Navida (2013 up to present) who is aggressively pushing for his advocacy for rapid progress in the barangay.

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